Adventures in Las Vegas. Quest for Crazy Taxi

January 30, 2015
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Adventures in Las Vegas. Quest for Crazy Taxi

Quest for Crazy Taxi

For some odd reason a few months back I got the itch to go out and play Crazy Taxi, and not the version that’s on my phone or the famed Dreamcast version, I can play those any time, any day, I wanted to sit down and grip the steering wheel in my hands. Feel the gas pedal crush under my foot. Hear the quarters drop down the coin slot followed by Dexter Holland yelling The Offspring‘s “All I want” in my face.

So I gathered my buddy Jared, an arcade enthusiast, something of an RPG quest companion, one that adds like +10 to finding treasure, and had Carlo from Fat Beard document what could be complete madness. We had a generic plan in place that had us going to all the arcades that we were aware of, mostly in the confines of casinos here in Las Vegas.

What we got was an unforgettable story filled with dysfunctional Crazy Taxi machines, paranoid security guards, long walks, and the arcade equivalent of a sybian. I later found out from Jared we could’ve seen exactly where the Crazy Taxi‘s were via some arcade database on the internet, but then again, what’s the fun in that.

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Sure we weren’t technically “successful”, but we had so much fun we will without a doubt have a Quest for Crazy Taxi part 2.

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