All New X-Men, Quoth the Raven

February 7, 2013
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All New X-Men, Quoth the Raven

all new x-men 7,marvel now,marvel comics,nerd farm blogAll New X-Men #7

I typically don’t fill a whole post with the cover of a comic book, but All New X-Men #7‘s was just too amazing NOT to take up a majority of this post. It’s a cover that stops you in your tracks while perusing the book filled shelves.

Brian Michael BendisAll New X-Men is THE best Marvel NOW! book, blowing me away with every issue. Now #7, while being completely devoid of any sexual tension between Mystique and young Cyclops, a seed has been planted in the young man’s already confused and impressionable mind. What’s Raven planning, and who is she planning it with?

The book is an all around gas to read, filled with stress, comedic one liners, teenage angst, and some great art from David Marquez. If there’s any Marvel NOW! title you should be reading, All New X-Men is it.

Farm on!

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