Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 Postmortem.

June 24, 2014
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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 Postmortem.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 Postmortem.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014

The second annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con came and went this weekend, so naturally my Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 Postmortem must follow. The Amazing Comic Con was welcomed back to Las Vegas with open arms, being one of the busiest cons I’ve been to in Las Vegas ever, obviously expos like CES and the like don’t qualify for what I’m defining as a “con”.

The South Point Hotel & Casino’s expo halls held the Amazing Comic Con again this year, looking like Goldilocks third try of everything she ever did, feeling just right. Not too cramped and not too open where you felt the con was unpopular and unpopulated. While this was good this year, the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is obviously gaining in popularity and will easily become too big for its britches in a few years to come.

rob liefeld,amazing las vegas comic con 2014,nerd farm blogThe number of talent at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 was again staggering, even without Stan “the Man” Lee, Amazing boasted Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld on Saturday, and then other talents like George Perez, Len Wein, Jae Lee, Adam Kubert, John Layman, and Charles Soule were there the whole friggin weekend. Obviously there were plenty more to see but I just chose the ones I wanted to meet and would gladly wait it line to talk to. I only had to wait in line 45 minutes to meet George Perez, George freaking Perez! It’s amazing that I got to meet one of the most influential artists of the comic book industry in less than an hour. That’s crazy! But that’s what makes Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con so great right now, that and the amount of talented cosplayers gracing the show floor.

The Con floor was busy with foot traffic every day, but perusing through endless back issues for every book I couldn’t find on a daily basis here in Vegas was easy. While some booths left you to fend for yourself leaving you face to face with boxes and boxes of unmarked unalphabatized books, others knew exactly what book was where and if they had it. This made my two hour shop-till-I-drop spree at the closing hours of Sunday much less stressful. I also found out She-Hulk is not a sought after book and thus doesn’t make it into many boxes…shame.

amazing las vegas comic con,george perez,taskmaster,nerd farm blogNaturally I have to brag about some of the loot I snagged during Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014, rarely is any of it considered “normal” or highly sought after, and this is what makes being me so fun. George Perez was even surprised to sign Marvel Team-Up #65, which everyone should know is the first appearance of the villainous Arcade, duh!

My first purchase was from FlexComics, a buff unicorn doing EZ-Bar bicep curls surrounded by “Unleash the Beast” showed I was in for some brilliant purchases from the con. I was there looking for notable Incredible Hulk books, but only found his unlikely team up with Dr Strange. Bargain hunting from booth to booth produced a whole set of X-Men #210-213, Mutant Massacre, and overpriced New 52 Green Arrow books (which I didn’t buy). After squealing and raising up a book like I just won the lottery, the gentleman next to me looked to see what I was so excited about and then was probably deeply concerned when he saw it was just Thor #364. If anybody knows anything, this is of course the first appearance of Frog Thor, obviously his loss. It didn’t stop there as I grabbed a He-Man animation cell from Pop-King that I could only describe as “sarcastic Skeletor”.

batfleck,amazing las vegas comic con,cosmic comics,nerd farm blogSo it’s very safe to say that Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 was another great success story. Sadly I heard that this also was probably the final arrow to the knee of the Las Vegas Comic Expo. Much like Highlander, I guess there can be only one. Let’s just hope Amazing Comic Con doesn’t lose some of the stuff that makes it great when it inevitably grows much larger next year.

Our albums of pics from the con on our Facebook page.

2014 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day 1 Photos. 

2014 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day 2 Photos.

Final Day 2014 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Photos.

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