Amplitude pre-Alpha at PlayStation Experience

December 13, 2014
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Amplitude pre-Alpha at PlayStation Experience

Amplitude pre-Alpha at PlayStation Experience

Amplitude preview

Sony’s larger PlayStation “DEV”otion section of the PlayStation Experience was full of indie goodness, one dev company you wouldn’t expect to see in the “indie” category is the developer of the fallen Rock Band giant, but here they are in all their glory, showing fans and backers of their Kickstarter, Amplitude.

Being a fan of Amplitude and backing the Harmonix Kickstarter put a personal stake in the project, making getting my hands on this early pre-alpha build of Amplitude¬†that much more special. Luckily for us Annette Gonzalez took some time to talk about how the project is coming along over some iced coffee. Her’s was iced, mine was just cold…if you were wondering.

Even at it’s earliest state Amplitude looks to be coming along great. Out of the few songs I played I rarely came across empty tracks and it was very cool to see the different blaster designs come to life. It could have been mostly nostalgia that was flowing through my fingers as I played, but it really felt like Amplitude hadn’t missed a beat after over a decade. Puns completely intended.

Amplitude can’t get here fast enough, so expect it on PS3 and PS4 in 2015. Hopefully.

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