Assassin’s Creed III and the American Revolution.

March 2, 2012
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Assassin’s Creed III and the American Revolution.

Assassin’s Creed III and the American Revolution.

Assassin’s Creed III and the American Revolution

The “leaks” and announcements of Assassin’s Creed III almost feel as conspiracy filled as the Assassin’s Creed plotlines before it.  First we get a “Bestbuy” employee who sends secret pics of a tomahawk wielding assassin, but as it turns out the picture is in fact GameInformers (who’s parent company is GameStop) cover story of next month.  And Ubisoft just throws out the box art literally hours after the leak?  Now 5 supposed screen shots have surfaced on reddit and released by  It all stinks of fish to me.  Ubisoft knows what they’re doing, and this is some of the best hype-up for a title I’ve seen in a while.  The internet gaming community is buzzing about nothing but these Assassin’s Creed III reveals.

Assassin's Creed III, screenshot

All right Assassin’s Creed III I’ll bite, looks like you’re taking place during and around the American Revolution.  I’m psyched.  I’m a huge fan of US history, and the whole last three Assassin’s Creed titles featuring Ezio are becoming to wear out their welcome.  Believe me, I like Ezio, but there is so much more history.  So give me a native american with a tomahawk and bow, I’m listening.  Have an assassin cruising through what looks to be Boston or Philadelphia and throw in some snowy mountain terrain, I’m game.  This marks the most excited I’ve been for the Assassin’s Creed series since the first installment.

Another rumor of the games release on October 30th of this year are also abound.  Ubisoft will undoubtedly confirm this in a few hours also.

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