Avengers Assemble Against the Punisher.

October 25, 2012
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Avengers Assemble Against the Punisher.

Avengers Assemble Against the Punisher.

Punisher War Zone #1

“Punisher Manhunt Continues”

You ready for another War Zone? Because I sure the hell am. God am I excited about this one, and the newest Punisher War Zone does not disappoint. Well, maybe it disappoints Spider-Man, but you’ll read that in this first issue.

Frank Castle is in a bit of trouble, some believe he’s killed three cops, and Spider-Man want’s him because he keeps stealing his web shooters. This is no joke, Punisher got his hands on some webs and used them on a B+E (breaking and entering), but Spidey wasn’t having it, and neither is Frank. That’s where the flashbang comes in, Spider-Man’s web slinger get’s nabbed again, and Spidey tattle tells on Frank to the Avengers like some bullied kid on the playground. Now the Punisher has the unneeded attention of the Avengers, time to go rogue, Frank.

It seems like the Avengers are involved in everything now, how do they find the time? I know there’s like 50 members, but c’mon, it’s really only Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Thor, and Wolverine everyone wants to see, so where is their time going? Well now it’s going to finding Punisher. Let’s hope Greg Rucka can make the Punisher and the Avengers look tough and not like completely morons, there is going to have to be a unique balance of power. I don’t think it will be as exciting as Deadpool going bat shit crazy in Deadpool Versus the Marvel Universe, but seeing Frank’s first encounter with Spider-Man did go painfully well, so the next four issues of this five issue series is going to be very interesting.


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