Black Ops 2 and Twitch TV Team Up

January 30, 2013
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Black Ops 2 and Twitch TV Team Up

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Good news to anyone who likes to watch and live stream on! The seamless live streaming of Black Ops 2 on that was announced at last years GamesCom is finally available on Xbox 360.

The integration lets you stream without extra hardware, which I think is the best part about it. Just log into your Twitch account and get going. Posting to your Facebook and Twitter bravely announcing your many perpetual deaths is also available, if you so desire.

No word on PlayStation 3 or PC streaming as of yet, just the comments of it “coming soon”. Nothing was said about the Wii U, which isn’t surprising since the Wii U also isn’t receiving the Revolution DLC anytime soon either.

Here’s a friendly tutorial for to help get you started:

We will be broadcasting all of our Black Ops 2 gameplay to test out this new integration feature. You can find us on our NerdFarmTV twitch channel. I’m actually pretty good, so it should be a decent showing each time.

Farm on!

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