Borderlands 2 Character Build. BFF Mechromancer.

October 18, 2012
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Borderlands 2 Character Build. BFF Mechromancer.

Borderlands 2 Character Build. BFF Mechromancer.

Borderlands 2 Character Build BFF Mechromancer

gaige,nerd farm blog,borderlands2,mechromancer,Borderlands 2 Character Build BFF MechromancerSo with the release of the ‘Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC, I thought I would give you guys my take on the Mechromancer builds. I like to focus on uptime with my builds as seen in my Commando build, so you’re going to want to get cooldown modifying relics/class mods to increase viability. So let’s dig right in on this epic Borderlands 2 Character Build BFF Mechromancer!

gaige, mechromancer, boderlands2, nerd farm blog,Borderlands 2 Character Build BFF MechromancerI chose the “Best Friends Forever” tree and let’s look what it offers:

Best Friends Forever

  • Cooking up trouble 5/5 2% Health pool regen per second
  • Close Enough 50% of your bullets ricochet for 50% less damage which is amazing inside with elemental effects!
  • Upshot Robot allows you to tack on +5 seconds to Deathtrap’s duration per kill, plus powers him up with +4% melee damage each kill! Basically he becomes the Hulk
  • Potent as a Pony 5/5 gives Deathtrap 10% more HP and 20% more to you
  • Explosive Clap lets Deathtrap detonate an explosion in front of him kicking off his massive kill streak
  • Made of Sterner Stuff 5/5 (Transformers 1987 reference) gives Deathtrap and you +5% damage reduction from all sources and +15% melee damage to Deathtrap keeping the kill streak going!
  • 20% Cooler 5/5 is a +30% cooldown reduction
  • Sharing is Caring grants Deathtrap a copy of your shield which will basically make him death incarnate at this point

Little Big Trouble

  • More Pep 5/5 is +20% to shock damage and +10% to other elements
  • Shock Storm 5/5 gives all your crits and Deathtrap kills an electrical storm
  • The Stare Deathtrap is gonna just blast a laser all over the place burning enemies and setting them on fire
  • Strength of Five Gorillas 5/5 +15% melee damage for you and Deathtrap to function with his earlier talents allowing him to cut through enemies like melted butter!
  • One Two Boom Deathtrap not only burns and causes electrical storms, he now shoots electric bombs all over the place!

And we throw NOTHING into Ordered Chaos because it’s terrible. (That’s Nic’s opinion, that has yet to be proven, Burke is looking into the Anarchy tree as of this writing. *Note from Editor*)

So BFF is basically just summon Deathtrap and let him tank everything while you apply elements to everyone. Tack on that his base melee damage starts at +30% then grows by 4% every kill until there are no bad guys plus laser eyes and some Dragon Ball Z style energy balls, you are basically free to save all that loot from the respective chests while Deathtrap keeps adding to your XP pool! So give it a shot or check out some of our other Borderlands 2 builds: 1, 2 and 3!


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