Borderlands 2 Character Build. Assassin.

September 26, 2012
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Borderlands 2 Character Build. Assassin.

Borderlands 2 Character Build. Assassin.

Borderlands 2 Character Build Assassin

Nic laid out the groundwork for a turret heavy Commando build for Borderlands 2 yesterday, now it’s my turn to give you the high risk/high reward melee Borderlands 2 character build Assassin. This build puts you right in the middle of the action and in the face of danger every time you’re in a skirmish, so put on your heaviest shield and your strongest shotgun and may your enemies blood mist upon your mask.

borderlands 2,assassin skill tree,zer0,nerd farm blog,borderlands 2 character build assassinThis is not a conservative build, this build is meant for you to deal massive amounts of melee damage, and doesn’t put any points into “Sniping” at all. If you want to snipe as Zer0, this build is not for you. Ignore the Sniping tree all together and begin your point runs down the “Bloodshed” tree. In this tree you want to get to “Many Must Fall” as quickly as possible because that skill is your money maker.

“Many Must Fall” – Killing an enemy with a melee attack while Deception is active causes you to deploy another holographic decoy, re-stealth, and add time to Deception’s duration. You can do this multiple times in succession.

I’ll explain why that is so important after you read the completed skill tree list, and remember to complete the Bloodshed tree first. Here’s the rundown:


  • Iron Hand 5/5 – +15% melee damage, +15% max health
  • Killing Blow 5/5 – deal +500% melee damage to enemies with low HP. This is an important one with “Many Must Fall”.
  • Execute 1/1 – 3 meter melee dash attack for increased damage
  • Backstab 5/5 – +40% melee damage to enemies with their backs to you
  • Resurgence 5/5 – killing an enemy with melee restores 20% HP
  • Like the Wind 4/5 – 12% melee/gun damage while moving
  • Many Must Fall 1/1.
  • Counter Strike 5/5 – After getting hit, next melee deals +250% melee damage
  • Ambush 5/5 – +20% damage when attacking an enemies back or when they are targeting something else
  • Death Mark 1/1 – melee damage marks target for 8 sec. Target takes 20% damage from all sources. See, even you can be a team player with this one.
  • Rising Shot 5/5 – Each successful ranged or melee attack stacks up to 5 times adding 10% gun damage and 9% melee damage
  • Innervate 3/5 – While Deception is active you gain +6% gun damage, 2.4% health regen per sec., and +21% movement speed.
  • N/A
The two most important skills in this Borderlands 2 character build Assassin you’ll want are the “Killing Blow” with “Many Must Fall”. When with a group, or even by yourself, while in Deception look for the weakest and lowest HP enemy you can, backstab that enemy killing it quickly and get instantly rewarded with Deception again, ready to rinse and repeat the process. “Killing Blow” is an incredible skill allowing you to do +500% melee damage! I’ve personally experienced this doing 74K on an unsuspecting enemy, granted that enemy has no where near that much HP, but just knowing that you can accomplish those kind of numbers and return back to Deception makes you an incredibly dangerous killing machine. Remember, you aren’t a tank, you’re a rogue, you come in, deal massive amounts of damage and run out.
Leave us your Borderlands 2 character build Assassin builds in the comments and let us know why you like it, we’d love to see what concoctions you guys can come up with. [Assassin Skill Tree Editor]
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  3. bwMaelstrombw

    There are multiple ways to build on Zer0 but I use this build for a simple well rounded character.
    +5 Headshot
    +5 Killer
    +5 Vel0city
    +1 B0re
    +5 Kill C0nfirmed
    +5 Fast Hands
    +5 Fearless
    +5 Rising Sh0t
    +5 Ir0n Hand
    +4 Grim

    The total outcome of this build is to maintain maximum damage for those who get trigger happy with the assassin… Shield regeneration and depletion gain you bonuses both ways so fast regenerating shields are your friend with this build.. Works great with any gun especially Unending Infinity. Try it out and give a shout to see how you like the build.

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