Borderlands 2 Character Build. Gunzerker

January 25, 2013
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Borderlands 2 Character Build. Gunzerker

Borderlands 2 Character Build. Gunzerker

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This Gunzerker build has had months in the making since Salvador is arguably one of the most difficult characters to build in  Borderlands 2. Every tree I went down seemed uneven and not powerful enough to sustain either high damage output or the ability to stay alive long enough to actually produce high damage output.

This build is used by a friend of mine, and now subsequently myself for it’s everlasting Gunzerking ability, a high critical hit chance, and it’s regen HP benefits. My Borderlands faithful I give to you: The RAMPAGE build! As an added bonus, note that most of the Gunzerker’s skills are quotes from popular action movies.

Surviving as the Gunzerker isn’t easy, so instead of running straight down the Rampage tree, look to your right and put five points into “Hard to Kill” right away. This ability not only increases your max health, but also gives you a small health regen percentage. That’s it for the “Brawn” tree, no need to bother with this side anymore. Next head opposite left and look down the “Gunlust” tree, here you’ll want to throw five points into “Quick Draw”, giving you faster weapon swap speed and increase your critical hit damage by an impressive 10%. The quick swapping of weapons comes in extremely handy when switching weapons during Gunzerking, and you’ll see why when we run down the “Rampage” tree.

After the 10 points have been divvied up between “Brawn” and “Gunlust”, we get to run down “Rampage”, which will be our bread and butter  tree. Similar to the Mechromancer and Assassin builds, your goal is to reach “Get Some” and “Keep Firing…” skills as quickly as possible. “Get Some” decreases your Gunzerking cooldown by merely shooting enemies, and “Keep Firing…” increases your reload speed dramatically while Gunzerking. I highly suggest you run down the right side of the “Rampage” tree first, then divvy up the rest of the points on the left after you snag “Keep Firing…”

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Here’s the suggested order:


  • Hard to Kill 5/5 – +20% to max health and regenerates 0.5% of your maximum health every second.


  • Quick Draw 5/5 – Increases your weapon swap speed by +35% and increases your critical hit damage by +10%. 


  • Filled to the Brim 5/5 – Increases your magazine size by +25% and increases your ammo carrying capacity by +15%.
  • Last Longer 5/5 – Increases your Gunzerker duration by +15 seconds.
  • Steady as She Goes 1/1 – While Gunzerking your recoil is reduced by +80% while each successful enemy hit gives you the chance to increase accuracy with both buns by 30%.
  • 5 Shots or 6 5/5 – Killing an enemy causes every shot fired to have a chance to add ammunition into the magazine. Chance to add bullets +25%
  • Double Your Fun 1/1 – Because who doesn’t want to throw 2 grenades instead of 1 while Gunzerking?
  • Get Some 5/5 – Shooting an enemy decreases the cooldown on Gunzerking -3 seconds every 3 seconds.
  • Keep Firing… 1/1 – While Gunzerking, the longer you hold the triggers down, the faster your guns fire and the faster they reload. +88% fire rate and +25% reload speed
  • Yippee Ki Yay 5/5 – Killing an enemy while Gunzerking increases the duration you can Gunzerk. +3 seconds per kill
  • I’m Ready Already 5/5 – Increases the Gunzerking cooldown rate by +25%. So you add this skill with “Get Some” and you’ll be ready to Gunzerk often…real often.
  • All in the Reflexes 2/5 – Increase your reload speed by another +15% and increase your melee damage (who cares) by +12%

If you hadn’t gathered by all of the perks associated with this build, it’s meant to let you Gunzerk a very long time and then let you Gunzerk again in a very short amount of time. If you happen to snag a Horder class mod, you’ll essentially be a one man ammo producing Gunzerking death machine. Gunzerk and never stop. As long as there’s enemies to be killed, you’ll be able to wield two impressive products of mayhem.

We have a flurry of builds to check out, see our BFF Mechromancer, LBT Mechromancer, melee Assassin, Siren, and dual turret Commando builds.

Farm on.

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