Borderlands 2 Character Build. Siren

November 1, 2012
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Borderlands 2 Character Build. Siren

Borderlands 2 Character Build. Siren

Borderlands 2 character build Siren

Since I am almost level 50 with my BFF Mechromancer, I thought I would do a Borderlands 2 character build Siren because I think she’s gonna be my next big play through. Sorry Axton, you’ll just have to wait, I already have my pet class near completion!

The Borderlands 2 character build Siren tree is interesting to me, mostly because it reminds me of a shaman in many ways: You have a debuff tree, healing tree, and a ¬†mind control tree. Out of the 3 available, I chose to do the debuff/dps tree and let’s just say, it looks to be powerful!

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Cataclysm FTW


  • 5/5 Flicker puts +30% elemental effect chance on top of your bad ass rank scores and weapon stats
  • 5/5 Helios throws down a level 5 fiery explosion whenever you Phaselock an enemy
  • 4/5 Chain Reaction for a 32% ricochet chance with any bullets hitting your Phaselocked target
  • 1/1 Cloud Kill giving each corpse you create a 5 second corrosion cloud (think corpse explosion almost)
  • 5/5 Reaper grants a 40% damage buff to any enemy who has more than 50% HP
  • 5/5 Blight Phoenix has every kill you make cause burn and corrosion damage dots to all other nearby targets
  • 1/1 Ruin now causes Phaselock to slag, corrode and electrocute all nearby enemies (see where this is going?)


  • 5/5 Accelerate for an extra 15% gun damage and +20% bullet speed
  • 5/5 Kinetic Reflection killing enemies gives you a buff that causes 50% damage reduction, 100% bullet reflection and enemy bullets do 100% normal damage to themselves!
  • 4/5 Suspension tacks on an extra 2 seconds of Phaselock time
  • 1/1 Converge causes Phaselocked targets to draw in enemies around them like a singularity grenade
  • 4/5 Quicken to reduce the cooldown of Phaselock by 24%


  • Zero points as it adds nothing to this build.

So basically it adds up like this: For the duration of Borderlands 2 you are pretty much overwhelmed by bad guys every step of the way. This Borderlands 2 character build Siren with Maya allows you to constantly Phaselock enemies and cause massive AOE damage spread throughout the entire area of combat and grants you a little extra life span by causing you to reflect damage after every kill. Your Phaselock should just about destroy EVERY target around you just with the massive damage caused and you want to look for class mods that allow for even greater CD reduction so you can basically spam the ability.

Stay tuned for more Borderlands 2 coverage. Rumors abound, we might be seeing some Torgue DLC in the very near future!


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