Brutal Legend Review

June 9, 2011
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Brutal Legend Review

Brutal Legend Review

 Brutal Legend Review

I know, I know, this Brutal Legend review is coming out two years late. Well, if it helps any, this game has held up well over these last two years.

Brutal Legend was release in Oct. 2009 from Double Fine and EA partnerships. From the mind of Tim Schafer, Brutal Legend is filled with landscapes you want to explore, and people you want to interact with. This is not your ordinary hack-n-slash. Jack Black voices a great Eddie Riggs (who essentially could be Jack Black) and Tim matches Jack’s mannerisms perfectly. You’ll recognize a lot of the cast as you explore and travel through the story.

The game mechanics are solid. You have plenty of attacks, special attack, guitars and Axes to choose from. One of my favorite things was to customize my ride. From bulldozer front ends, Nos, custom paint jobs and even homing missiles, the vehicle was a blast to drive.

My only complaint about the game was the “tower defense” battles. This partly comes from my own issue with not being able to follow directions, or remember how to control most of my army. These “tower defense” battles were almost always boss battles, and you need to raise up merch booths for “fans” that you spend to recruit more classes for your army. This concept is great, I could never have my army attack or even defend certain areas. The game would want you to split the army up…which I did once, and never did again because I couldn’t remember the commands. This was my only downer on the game.

Double Fine makes great games, and Brutal Legend is no different. The game has a strong story, good mechanics, a great land to explore, and interesting enemies you fight through out the game. The goth/emo zombies were my personal favorite. One was quoted after killing him “I wanted to die anyway…”  Priceless.

Brutal Legend gets an A

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