Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Assault Class Setup

March 1, 2015
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Assault Class Setup

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Assault Class Setup

So I’ve been playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for quite some time now and I’m finding that it’s almost one of the most diverse Call of Duty‘s to date. Unfortunately that means experimenting with the many impressive assault rifles with countless attachments and perks until you find exactly what works right for you. This is of course both a blessing as a curse as once you find your nitch you can be quite successful but until then your at the whim of other successful players who already have found their go to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare assault class setup.

I’ve done most of the metaphorical heavy lifting for you and included my Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Assault Class Setup. It’s a very simple setup that’s well equipped for any Ground War, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed matches.

call of duty advanced warfare assault class setup,call of duty,advanced warfare,nerd farmIn the video I will give you tips on attachments, perks, exo abilities, with preferred score streaks in detail.

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