It’s time to Cannon Brawl!

September 22, 2014
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It’s time to Cannon Brawl!

It’s time to Cannon Brawl!

Cannon Brawl review

I recently got my hands on Cannon Brawl thanks to Theresa Duringer over at Turtle Sandbox, (Thanks so much!) and it’s a real treat! While it’s hard to categorize a game like this, I think describing it as multiple different genres kind of sets up a proper expectation of the overall experience. Cannon Brawl combines the shooter aspect of a game like Worms with sort of a puzzler feel and resource micro-management to deliver a unique new game from this amalgamation. cbmapproper

You stage your adventure from this cute hub-world, with each level more challenging than the last on a mission to save your kingdom from evil. Your weapons are the titular cannons, which you can upgrade along with various other structures such as mines (this is how you get your currency) and defenses like shields, all of which you will need to place strategically to avoid having them destroyed by the forces of darkness. You also gain access to new player characters, each unique with their own special ability that will allow you to proceed through each level in an entirely different manner, but I won’t spoil what these are!


Control wise, Cannon Brawl, while designed and distributed on the PC definitely wants you to use a game pad but does not provide too much resistance if you choose to play with your keyboard.

There are 20 missions included with the game along with 7 multiplayer levels, and yes you can wreck your friends online or locally in 1v1 matches to see who rules the skies and be the cannon master! Another sweet deal is that you can purchase Cannon Brawl for $14.99 on its own, but if you choose to pickup a 2 pack for yourself and that special someone who’s ass you would love to kick, it’s only $19.99 for the pair! You can find Cannon Brawl on Steam or on the official website,! Cannon Brawl is appropriate for all ages, and I had a lot of fun trying it out, but don’t just take my word for it, check out the video below then hop on in and start wrecking your friends today!

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