Christmas Came Early In the Form of the PS4

November 18, 2013
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Christmas Came Early In the Form of the PS4

Christmas Came Early In the Form of the PS4

Christmas Came Early in the Form of the PS4

November 15th shall be remembered as the day the world finally saw the greatness they were waiting for, at least that’s what Sony would have you believe. All week I had been trying to decide whether I should or shouldn’t pick-up my pre-ordered PS4 on Friday, but I had  finally made up my mind on Thursday. I’m not sure if I can say for certain but I think it was when I saw the line of gamers forming Thursday afternoon outside of Best Buy, because when I asked the employee at the door what they were waiting for he said “the PS4” and I asked “I thought everybody pre-ordered it?” then he said “they did, they just can’t wait to play it”. I knew I couldn’t miss getting the PS4 since I’ve owned everyone PlayStation before it.

ps2,sony,nerd farm blogFast forward to the end of the weeked and my thoughts after having played it for the past 2 days. As soon as I powered it on, the blue background and soothing music that filled the room hit me with an overwhelming feeling that I had felt before when I played the PS2 for the first time. It was the feeling of everything’s going to be ok, because it just worked, it felt like an upgrade in technology to it’s predecessor and the interface wasn’t ugly. Now not everybody’s PS4’s have been working right out of the box, some are being plagued with no picture on the TV screen because of an issue that has been traced back to the little metal prongs in the HDMI port keeping an HDMI cable from being plugged in all the way. The fix has been to just bend the prongs back down, which seems like something everybody would be eager to do on a $400 console especially since the HDMI port is the only AV out on the entire thing.

But once you do get your system up and running you’re treated to an update upon connecting to the internet, isn’t that fun. The PlayStation Store has been up and down when it comes to getting into it, but that’s to be expected. All the launch titles are available for digital download which is nice but I would’ve like to have seen some downloadable demos so I could try them first. There’s not a lot to choose from as far as the launch titles are concerned but they did make an effort to have something for everybody when it comes to different genres. Now after having found out that even if you buy the disc version of a game it still installs the entire disc to the harddrive the same as the digital download version but still requires you to have the disc in the drive I’m thinking of only buying the digital versions because of this. The PlayStation Store does have some some smaller independent games for free and even more free games to those of you with PlayStationPlus, nothing that really shows off the graphics or power of this machine but hey it’s free.

ps4,dualshock 4,nerd farm blog,the ps4You could always just check out the PlayStation Live feature that has other fellow gamers streaming their gameplay live via Twitch or Ustream. It’s a pretty cool feature that is integrated nicely into the interface, by just pressing the “share” button on the controller you can choose which service to use and then which options to turn on like chat or having the PS4 Eye display you in the stream to your viewers. Speaking of the PS4 Eye camera, there is also a tech demo on the PS4 menu called Playroom that hosts a bevy of mini-games to show off the many new technical advances of  the DualShock 4 controller along with the Eye camera use. When I say this controller is awesome, it is f’ing awesome!  It adds a handful of nuances to your gameplay in a good way and not cheesey gimmicks. I’m just eager to see developers make good use of these features in the games to come.

The future is definetley bright for this machine and I have no desire to run out and buy the other guys system “Xbone”. There aren’t a lot of games out for it yet and yeah it sucks that it’s not backwards compatible but give it time and I’m sure there will be a lot of killer IPs on this platform.


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