Chrononauts #1. Millar’s Excellent Adventure!

March 23, 2015
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Chrononauts #1. Millar’s Excellent Adventure!

Chrononauts #1. Millar’s Excellent Adventure!

Chrononauts #1 review

This happens all the time, you get a talented team together and then they go and make something incredible. Well that’s what Chrononauts #1 is. Mark Millar knows how to write a damn good comic, hell, let’s just say he knows the formula for great story telling. His books are forever being translated into film with Kick-Ass, the Secret Service who most will know as the recent Kingsman action movie, and now his Starlight (which is a fucking brilliant classic sci-fi story) and Chrononauts are also getting film adaptations. And why not, they’ve all been amazing, and Chrononauts #1 is no different.

So Chrononauts #1 is off to a great start because of Millar, then you look at the work by Sean Gordon Murphy, the artist who drew another fantastic book by the name of Punk Rock Jesus (I loved that fucking book), then you have a book that moves faster than any time machine. Ah yes, puns.

chrononauts #1,sean gordon murphy,image comics,nerd farmMillar and Murphy make time traveling possible in Chrononauts #1, they also make it look as extremely dangerous as you’d imagine it to be. I like the subtle jokes thrown in also, one of the scientist showing the failed time traveling machines, with a Delorean, Well’s time machine, and a phone booth all gracing the background. Then there’s the little bit of meme thrown in at the end, let’s just say it has to do with, “I could have been a time traveler, but then I took an arrow in the knee.”

Boom, dream team. Boom, movie deal. Boom, read it.


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