Cyclops #1. Nothing beats space pirates. Nothing.

May 8, 2014
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Cyclops #1. Nothing beats space pirates. Nothing.

Cyclops #1. Nothing beats space pirates. Nothing.

Cyclops #1

I love when I go into a book expecting nothing and then get totally and utterly taken back by it, and Cyclops #1 is exactly that.

The younger Scott Summers finally gets to pillage and plunder space booty with his estranged and believed dead father Corsair. We’re talking from the past Scotty, not the high strung current Mr. Summers. Now that premise sounds completely amazing on its own, let alone knowing that it’s scripted and written by the brilliant Greg Rucka.

Cyclops #1 has space pirates! Space pirates! I don’t think you’re hearing me, SPACE PIRATES! It’s a book that was created to be awesome and Rucka doesn’t let it miss a beat. It’s such a fun read with a cliffhanger that just screams in your face that the party isn’t over and we were just introduced to the prefunk.

cyclops,alexander lozano,marvel comics,nerd farm blogIt obviously wouldn’t be fair to give all of the credit to Greg Rucka, Alexander Lozano and his pencils should get a large piece of the congratulatory pie also. His first page introduction showing a story on Scott’s visor was stunning and down right brilliant.

I can’t recommend Cyclops #1 enough, that is unless you hate space, pirates, and fun, then well, I just feel sorry for you matey.


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