DayZ. The human experiment

January 24, 2014
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DayZ. The human experiment

DayZ. The human experiment

DayZ. The Human Experiment

DayZ, the Arma 2 mod that exploded into its own monster of a game is in its infancy alpha stages, experimenting not only the human condition, but also how gaming in the future may work.

DayZ is an open world zombie survival game that just recently went live on Steam and has over half a million people paying to play an early, early, early build of the game. The games incredibly broken and extremely unforgiving, but people don’t seem to mind, and I find it as more of a large scale experiment of human behavior.

When thinking of post apocalyptic games, Fallout 3 and The Last of Us are among my favorites, but neither of them have a true sense of what the end of modern civilization would be like. DayZ, minus its mundane zombies, is the purest survival title on the market. A game where you’re alone for hours scavenging for left over food that spoils, where can openers are almost more priceless than ammo, and where your life could be taken away in a blink of an eye. Life hack, learn how to open cans without a can opener.

I’ve watched quite a few DayZ playthroughs and have learned one thing, the end of civilization will not be pretty. People are dicks and they’ll do anything to survive. Sometimes their last moments of life will be funny, others will fight to their last dying breath, some may be shown mercy (extremely rare), and others will never know what it’s like to actually see a zombie. Watch some of my favorite videos and see the largest experiment of the human condition.

Not everyone is a dick, hard to believe I know.

In this video you have another person trying to play “friendly”, but I like the video not because the guys helping another person out, but because you get a good idea of just how helpless you are when you can’t defend yourself.


Welsh bandits? Hunting the French? And yes, torture.

Why not sing your national anthem to stay alive?

There are plenty of other great videos to watch over there on the YouTubes, walkthroughs, tips on how to survive, plenty of bandit videos and other nonsense. Take a look, and maybe try your own hand at survival in DayZ.

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