Deadpool and the Big White Whale. Call Me Ishmael

January 24, 2013
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Deadpool and the Big White Whale. Call Me Ishmael

deadpool killustrated 1,marvel comics,nerd farm blogDeadpool Killustrated #1

Moby Dick

Butchering stories from literature’s finest authors!

Man, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was great fun wasn’t it! But apparently Deadpool’s work isn’t done, he’s gone off the deep end, even more so then before. Killing everything isn’t enough, so tearing through the ideaverse is the next best thing. You know, the ideaverse? The universe in which all writers and creators “create” and “write”. What better way to destroy your creators then by killing the very ideas that influenced theirs. Are you staying with me here? Doesn’t matter, the book is hilarious and the covers are amazing. Just another shining example as to why Deadpool is on fire right now, not literally in this issue, metaphorically on fire. You people…

Farm on. 

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