Deadpool Kills Dead Presidents.

November 8, 2012
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Deadpool Kills Dead Presidents.

Deadpool Kills Dead Presidents.

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“In Wade We Trust”

Marvel NOW! introduces Deadpool #1, and they assure you it’s not a reboot or an origin story!

A crazed madman has brought back the four fathers of our country, among other notable presidents from the dead, and S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t want themselves or Captain America in the headlines beating down said beloved historical figures. Who else would take a butt load of dough and willingly sacrifice their public image? Well none other than your friendly city dwelling Deadpool, that’s who. Plus Deadpool’s already extremely popular as of late, thanks primarily to Deadpool vs Gangnam style at Comic-Con and the epic Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe miniseries.

The book is as you’d expect it, with bloody tongue in cheek filled pages with plenty of laughable one liners. Of course Deadpool get’s the living shit beat out of him, but what else is he supposed to do with his regeneration powers. Seeing a lot of the presidents ghostly corpses raging and partying was quite hilarious, especially a rocket chaired F.D.R. and Lincoln getting some long awaited assassination payback. Let’s just agree Deadpool is indeed cool and should probably be in the third Ghostbusters movie.


Party hard and Farm on.

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