Destiny’s Loot System Isn’t Broken

September 30, 2014
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Destiny’s Loot System Isn’t Broken

Destiny’s Loot System Isn’t Broken

Destiny’s Loot System is Fine

While Bungie struggles to insure players that Destiny “gets better” after 20 hours, those playing after 20 hours are discovering Destiny‘s loot system is anything but giving. It seems like gamers or maybe just this generation of youth have forgotten just how difficult MMO‘s and maybe even gaming in general used to be. We delved into this topic during our latest Nerd Farmcast Episode 27.

Bungie has had to fix a few Destiny exploits lately regarding it’s current model for loot grinding from level 20 to light level 30. It seems as people would rather shoot blindly into dark caves than actually complete any type of quests or strike missions. This obviously doesn’t say much for Destiny‘s actual gameplay, I have two level 20’s and am currently grinding my way to 30 and I’m sad to say Destiny is anything but barrels of fun. It is brilliant in it’s heroic daily’s, bounties, and special events though, if you’re so inclined you could easily at least feel busy if you’re not the fun having type.

Those of us who have played MMO’s before understand how hard it is to get specific pieces of loot. Grinding away at dungeons and instances with PUG’s day after day that turn into weeks after weeks for faction rep. We get it, but maybe FPS gamers who have never been involved with an MMO don’t. MMO’s are a slow grind, savoring everything and seeing it over and over again, and story? Forget about it, I played World of Warcraft for 5 years and I couldn’t tell you dick about the story, but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another time.

Daniel Friedman from Polygon said it best in his “Loot Caves are a Lie” post, pointing out that the problem isn’t loot actually dropping, but the way Bungie handles dealing out specific pieces of loot. The best loot comes from vendors and not necessarily from drops as Friedman points out, no one gets excited about buying armor from a vendor, it’s all about the rare drops. This is an example of poor planning by Bungie, but not an error on Destiny‘s loot system.

There’s no perfect fix for making Destiny more fun, but Bungie has listened to their crybaby fans and have fixed the engram mechanics of the game. Engrams are drops that can produce certain pieces of loot once given to a jerk named the Cryptarch. Before Bungie dropped the 1.02 patch for Destiny‘s loot system, a Legendary engram could produce something weaker like a rare or worse, uncommon. With the latest patch, those engrams will now produce loot equal or higher to their respective title. Rest easy entitled gamers, Bungie has you covered.

So maybe Destiny‘s rarer loot isn’t the easiest to get, and maybe the grind to 30 light isn’t the funnest gaming endeavour you’ve ever embarked on, but at least you know now that Destiny‘s loot systems isn’t broken, it just has its priorities mixed up. Maybe better loot should drop from bosses and strike missions rather than from vendors, then just maybe hard working lazy gamers will feel they’ve gotten their times worth rather than bitching about how they can’t get to 30 fast enough.

1.02 Patch Preview [Source: Bungie]

Loot Caves are a Lie by Daniel Friedman [Source: Polygon]

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