Don’t miss Afterlife with Archie #1

October 31, 2013
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Don’t miss Afterlife with Archie #1

Don’t miss Afterlife with Archie #1

Afterlife with Archie #1 review

Parody books sometimes work, though they are often lost in translation with material people unfamiliar with the comic’s inside jokes or obscure pop culture references easily miss. Afterlife with Archie #1 has one reference that no one can miss, zombies. I admit the whole zombie genre is getting a bit out played over that past several years, but this book is the freshest zombie title to come out of comics since Marvel Zombies and The Walking Dead, yes, it’s that good.

I  always knew that if a zombie outbreak began, Jughead would have something to do with it. In Afterlife with Archie #1 the crowned bottomless pit doesn’t cause the contagion all on his own, it took a little help from one popular teenage witch. While both of their intentions were for the greater good, they may have just doomed the entire town of Riverdale, or worse…the wwwoooooOOOOOooorrllld. Muahahahahcoughgurglecoughcough…

afterlife with archie #1,archie comics,nerd farm blogForget all of the woeful drama coming out of Archie Comics as a business, and gaze upon the book as a singular art form birthed from a broken home. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa writes a book that if not filled with zombies, you would think was just a modern day Archie Comics drama. The recipe calls for some texting, drop in a little witchcraft, add just a smidgen of sex appeal, and top it all of with a bit of zombie, and you have yourself one helluva Archie story.

I think we’ve all come to expect great things from Francesco Francavilla. His most recent work in Guardians of the Galaxy was really welcomed, and of course his Hawkeye bits with Matt Fraction were really fun. While his work inside Afterlife are fantastic, I think we need to point out the brilliance Francavilla gave to all of the covers. Every cover is fantastic! It’s something to be said when I want to snatch up every cover for Afterlife with Archie #1.

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