Doomed Love in Hawkeye #8

March 2, 2013
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Doomed Love in Hawkeye #8

Doomed Love in Hawkeye #8

hawkeye #8,matt fraction,marvel comics,nerd farm blogHawkeye #8

“My Bad Penny”

Clint’s stripper “girlfriend” shoots her ex and steals his safe from the strip club, shenanigans and hilarity ensues. Clint reacting with his heart, or other more obvious flaccid parts of his body, decides to throw himself into the scuffle, a move that may prove deadly in issues to come.

It’s no secret that Matt Fraction and David Aja‘s Hawkeye is one of the best Marvel books on the market right now. Aja’s art hit’s a bullseye, (like what I did there?) and Fraction is writing a perfect Clint Barton character who’s story far exceed any expectations.

Hawkeye #8 is a great story, one that is going to be built on in the issues to come, but the stand out appearance of Annie Wu’s creative full pulp covers in this issue were fantastic. I loved every single one of them, they could of sold each of these as Hawkeye variants and I would have bought every single one of them.

hawkeye #8,annie wu,doomed love,nerd farm blogMatt Fraction’s Hawkeye is going in some interesting directions, a report from at ECCC has Fraction hinting at a full sign language issue of Hawkeye, and an issue dedicated to Pizza Dog solving crimes. Oh my gawd this book is becoming more and more amazing with every issue.

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