The Dork Knight’s Constantine Pilot Review

July 19, 2014
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The Dork Knight’s Constantine Pilot Review

Nerd Farm’s Constantine Pilot Review from your friendly neighborhood Dork Knight!

Hello fellow Nerds! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to watch the pilot episode of NBC’s Constantine the other day and it did not disappoint. DC Comics continues to make solid live-action television with their latest adaptation of the popular comic book series “Hellblazer,” which comes to the small screen this Fall. I hope you enjoy my Constantine Pilot Review and I will do my best to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

Constantine Pilot Review

Just like in the trailer above, the Constantine Pilot opens with an exterior shot of Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged in Northern England, then cuts to the title character strapped to a medical table, about to receive shock treatment. We quickly learn that his name is John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and that his status there is voluntary. He’s an exorcist who needs to “face the truth” that “there are no Demons.” Something he knows, all too well, is not even close to the truth. Mere minutes later, he’s reminded of the harsh reality that demons do, in fact, exist as he’s confronted by one. After dispatching of said demon, he realizes that he’s been wasting his time at Ravenscar and that he’s “got work to do.”

Constantine’s vast knowledge of the dark arts soon leads him to even more demons, but this time they are tormenting Liv Aberdine (Lucy Griffiths), the daughter of one of his oldest friends. Before long, it’s revealed that Liv isn’t the only one who needs protection. An Angel named Manny (Harold Perrineau) approaches John about “what’s on the way” and challenges him to help fight the good fight. With his soul already damned to hell, Constantine’s reluctant to help, but when Liv learns of her ability to to see the trapped souls who threaten their world, he must keep his promise to an old friend and do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

By the end of the Pilot, some intense showdowns take place and, while you won’t ever see him light up his trademark cigarette, you get to see Constantine kick plenty of demon ass. I thought Constantine was fun to watch and the show’s creators do a good job of setting up the season to come where John will undoubtedly have plenty of opportunities to find demons and send them back to hell one visually stimulating episode at a time. Even with the recent news that Lucy Griffiths and her character of Liv will not be returning after the Pilot, the world that’s been setup for this version of Constantine is ripe with possibilities. The show even ends with a little foreshadowing that John is destined to ultimately fight this battle alone when he asks…

My name is John Constantine. I’m the one who steps on the shadows, all trench-coat and arrogance. I’ll drive your demons away, kick ’em in the bollocks and spit on them when they’re down.  I’ll walk my path alone, because let’s be honest… who’d be crazy enough to walk it with me?

I would, sir. I would. And I look forward to walking it with you every Friday night this fall starting October 24th on NBC. Check your local listings for exact time and more details and in the meantime, plow on.

The Dork Knight's Constantine Pilot Review

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