Entering the League of Legends

December 26, 2012
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Entering the League of Legends

Entering the League of Legends



Recently, I have found myself playing a few different games that would be normally outside my comfort box. Namely Magic: The Gathering and League of Legends. While I have been having a lot more fun playing the first, even though I am nowhere near competitive with my decks as I come close to being with Pokemon, League affords me a whole other level of gaming: Being tutored by my girlfriend, who loves stealing my kills, towers, and laughing at my ineptitude. To be fair though, it is not entirely her fault. While she is malicious, she does have what appears to be eons more experience than I, and I am pretty much just terrible.


For a long time, I had been refusing to play League of Legends on the grounds that it was simply a silly rip off of Defense of the Ancients, a Warcraft 3 mod. And I still think this however, I have determined after a small study that you can actually have fun playing with people you know, and even if you spend 60% of your games losing, as long as you enjoy yourself, it’s still fun. Actually, a running joke I have with girlfriend is that she is purposely playing detrimental to my game scores.


I think one of the most difficult aspects of League of Legends is probably choosing your Champion. With a list of over 100, which is growing almost daily, this is a large obstacle you will have to overcome. Once you choose and learn a particular Champ’s play style, then it is all pretty much down hill from there.

I would say the second hardest thing to do is figure out how to overcome the incredibly negative player base. From what games I have played at the newbie level, I can tell you so far, League of Legends has a player base that is almost on par if not even exceedingly worse than World of Warcraft. I will just go ahead and attribute this to neck beards/armchair generals who take un-ranked, lowbie games too seriously. I mean if we were trying to prove a point, we would just play ranked right?

Player base aside, LoL does offer hours of entertainment, although I still don’t know why it has received the hype it garners. Maybe I’m just out of touch, but I don’t understand how it has, in three years, earned itself a status in competitive gaming that nearly eclipses the NFL in terms of grandeur. Or maybe I just don’t have much exposure to competitive gaming! Graphically, it looks like a better version of Warcraft 3. From higher res models to cell shading and increased frame rates, it really isn’t anything too difficult for a basic current gen computer to run. Controls though, ugh, I have no idea how on Earth they started where they did with binds. Protip for the people whose main PC game genre are shooters: Change your binds so the camera scrolls with WSAD and your Champ skills are 1, 2, 3, and 4. Or you’re gonna have a bad time!


Maybe I will never understand the community obsession with this game, and you know what? That’s ok. But, I do enjoy playing video games, particularly with loved ones. And if it allows me to bond with my significant other, while allowing her to show how much better she is than me at a game, I am fine with it. Another bonus, League is totally free to play. While you can dump endless amounts of your income into it for characters and skins, all base characters can be earned just by playing.

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