eSports and Nerd Rage.

March 21, 2013
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eSports and Nerd Rage.

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A great little compilation of outbursts has been compiled by Eurogamer, and it’s contents have been a hot topic today throughout the gaming community. The video is from the Call of Duty European Championships in Cologne. Suffice to say, the “professional” players like to yell. A lot.

With eSports growing, as last week’s 2.6 million MLG viewers proves, it seems professional gaming can almost be official. But with the above video as proof, is the community ready for “professional gaming”. This isn’t anything new either, professional League of Legends players have recently been banned from servers for lewd and aggressive behavior.

If you managed to watch the video to the end, you see that most of the players aren’t always angry, and some even try to explain the yelling of slurs and lewd language as a “tactic”. To me, it looked, and sounded, more like the general teen public I play against on Xbox Live day in and day out, coming across as foolish, and not professionals. If we expect the sport to grow, is there a place for this, “tactic”? Let’s look at other professional sports.

The NFL has strict guidelines on sportsmanship. For example: players must keep their jersey’s tucked in and in a presentable manner, and the “thumb slicing across the throat” is an illegal gesture, one that’s followed with a hefty fine. Even professional poker players mind their manners, all while playing their opponent for a fool.

Don’t get me wrong, I love trash talk, but there is a line, and with the community of gamers now viewing these professional matches, it’s time for the “professionals” to start acting as such. They have now become the role models, the ones we aspire as competitive gamers to be. This has to start with MLG, and I hope they make changes so something like the above, doesn’t infect the sport’s future.

Here’s the full story from Eurogamer with a press release from ESL, essentially condoning this practice.

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  1. Tyler

    True, true. Media already has enough fodder for video games’ mere existence. This kind of behavior is just dumb.

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