Even Halo devs are entitled to their opinion. A David Ellis Rant.

September 7, 2013
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Even Halo devs are entitled to their opinion. A David Ellis Rant.

Even Halo devs are entitled to their opinion. A David Ellis Rant.

David Ellis rant

In a story coming out of Gamespot, Halo developer David Ellis rant over twitter about his “disgust” for Metal Gear Solid V’s sexy appeal. His full tweet going as far as to say the “…industry should know better”, and an “Industry full of man babies.” complete with “Ugh” at the end.

metal gear solid 5,quiet,hideo kojima,nerd farm blogSure Quiet looks a little under dressed to be fighting in a conflict in the middle east, but maybe she just likes fresh air. Sniping is difficult and uncomfortable, I don’t blame her for wanting to be free of that uncomfortably nagging ghillie suit. And to be fair, Hideo Kojima did say “erotic” was a bad term to use, he intended to use “sexy” and for good reason, people love cosplaying sexy characters, and I’ll admit the people who purchase high end figures like them to look more appealing. Kojima is as much a business man as he is a producer and developer.

I get it, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and on the internet that opinion is just spoken a little louder, so I’ll take this time to voice my opinion on the matter. Ellis should probably keep his mouth shut and not worry about the sex appeal. I’m pretty sure Hideo Kojima’s 25+ years in the industry and countless critically acclaimed and award winning games are proof he knows the industry. Games known for their stylish and sometimes taboo designs. His games are politically thought provoking and filled with so much story only small encyclopedia sets could contain them. So sorry David Ellis if Quiet disgusts your two game resume that touts completely covered space marines in every single installment, and some Golden Spear game no ones ever heard of.

Halo dev calls MGSV female character design ‘disgusting’ by Eddie Makuch [Source Gamespot]

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  1. Jason Smith

    I find myself following less and less people on Twitter because of rants like the one David Ellis went on. I’ve personally found the community of developers and journalists who cover games to be increasingly off-putting. Never mind that Twitter is a horrible place to have any sort of discussion involving sensitive or complicated issues.

  2. CZ3RO

    I feel like this would have been in better taste if Kojima had said he wanted her to be sexy because it fit into his vision or made sense with the game world. I’m all for sexy for the sake of being sexy if it fits, but in this case it’s incongruous with the rest of the presentation – and I’ll go as far as declaring it tasteless since Hideo claims he did it to sell more merch. I realize a business needs to make money, but this just feels tacky and shameless.

    1. Burke (author)

      I think it fits what Kojima has always done, there’s always been sexy characters; Sniper Wolf, Meryl, EVA, the Beauty and the Beast Corps, and I’m sure there’s more, so If its his practice, it’s nothing new for the industry either, so why move away from it. I love the conversations this post is provoking though too. As if Metal Gear Solid V needed more publicity, let’s talk about controversial sexism in games while we’re at it.

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