The “Fairest” in an Unfair World.

March 8, 2012
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The “Fairest” in an Unfair World.

The “Fairest” in an Unfair World.

Fairest #1 Review

Fairest #1 Review. “From the pages of Fables”

The interesting thing about Fairest is the front cover, besides sleeping beauty in the middle, it has nothing to do with what’s actually inside this first issue of Fairest.  I’m sure they may incorporate every single princess you see, and I’m actually interested to see their take on each fair lady.  But who’s the naked chick in the back, I’m pretty sure I have every other princess nailed, but the goddess in the back has me thrown for a loop.  But I digress, Fairest #1 titled “Prince of Thieves” has exactly who’d you’d expect in it, no not Aladdin, Ali Baba the Prince of Thieves.  He unearths a magic lamp filled with…anyone?  Bueller?  a genie you ask?  Wrong again, you watch too many Disney flicks, it’s of course filled with a lowly bottle imp.  You’re really bad at this game.  It does play out like a very sadistic Disney flick though, goblins, treasure, and sleeping princesses who can only be awoken by “ones true love kiss”.  Fairest #1 appears to be a very interesting take on the whole “Fairy Tale” genre and I’m very curious to see where this series goes, and if the cover hints towards anything, it’s that Cinderella is going to be a bitch.


Quick Pick!

When you head over to Cosmic Comics to pick up Fairest #1 be sure to remember to pick up FATALE #3 that just hit shelves yesterday.  The FATALE series comes highly recommended and the books are flying off the shelves.  Don’t miss out on this spectacular horror crime thriller!


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