Far Cry 4 Speed Run Easter Egg

November 20, 2014
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Far Cry 4 Speed Run Easter Egg

Far Cry 4 Speed Run Easter Egg

Far Cry 4 Speed Run

Yeup, yeup, Far Cry 4 has been out for less than a week and we’ve already beaten it, beaten it to a bloody pulp, in under 30 minutes…and we didn’t even have to fire one bullet. Some would even call it a Far Cry 4 speed run. Ok, ok, so there’s a catch, it’s more of an Easter egg than an actual legitimate speed run.

When I heard about the possibility of beating Far Cry 4 by just waiting for Pagan to return from a phone call, I was quite skeptical and knew it was something I had to try out for myself. But why try it out by myself when I could have a few of my friends live this moment with me, and stream our shenanigans live for the whole world to see, or the 5 people that decided to watch us sit upstairs patiently awaiting Pagan’s return.

The commentary is quite comical, while a lot of it is full of inside jokes it does help the time play by faster. You can skip to 25 minutes if your the humorless sort and the whole ending scene will begin. That’s right, in under 30 minutes you can see the credits roll on Far Cry 4. See, a Far Cry 4 speed run.

I’m glad we took the opportunity to do this fun little Easter egg and I give the Ubisoft Montreal developer team mad props for creating something that’s as funny as it is creative. It pops up the question, “what if we really just did what the psychotic antagonist asked?”

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