Fatale and Alfred Ravenscroft or H.P. Lovercraft

January 4, 2013
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Fatale and Alfred Ravenscroft or H.P. Lovercraft

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“The Case of Alfred Ravenscroft”

Fatale is the sci-fi horror book from my favorite creative team, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. It’s a beautiful waltz between the supernatural and the macabre. Fatale #11 is the beginning of the third chapter of this series, and is a great opportunity to hop onto this amazing book.

Jo knows her power over certain people is a curse, but early on she didn’t understand why. In issue #11 she tracks down a recluse writer who she thinks may have the answers.

The whole issue is filled with death, not the death your used to seeing in previous Fatale issues, deaths caused by sorrow. Wherever Josephine goes, death isn’t too far behind. The peculiar thing about Fatale #11 is the writer she sets out to meet is rumored to be H.P. Lovercraft, a large influential character to the entire Fatale series. The whole scene between Jo and the writer is eerie and haunting, and will hopefully set the tone for this new chapter.

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