FATALE is Cosmic Horror Genius.

March 1, 2012
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FATALE is Cosmic Horror Genius.

FATALE is Cosmic Horror Genius.

Fatale Number One

FATALE Number One “Death Chase Me”

Every so often a book will come along that I get to review that makes my jaw drop and say “whoa” in my best Keanu impression possible.  Then there are some that I finish and immediately run back to the comic shop to buy the actual copy and previous or later issues of it.  FATALE is both of those.  FATALE is a new series brought to you from the minds of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, known best for their other popular trades: Sleeper, Criminal, and the Incognito series.  I’ve apparently been under a rock because these guys create some of the most amazing comics.  So good in fact that their series “Coward” is even slated to be a motion picture.  FATALE number one is already on it’s third print, and I can’t believe I’m just now getting my hands on it.  As it stands right now, this is hands down one of my favorite books of the year.

Combining horror and science fiction with noir detective comics makes FATALE an intriguing piece of work.  Jo, a beautiful seductive woman can no longer hold a dark secret she has been keeping for far too long.  A reporter, Nicolas Lash, foolishly promises to protect Jo and uncover the mystery of his Godfathers unpublished detective novel.  Problem is, the mob also wants the novel and is willing to kill Nicolas for it.  My grasp on time and reality is constantly being shifted in FATALE.  Crooked cops, murder, cults, Nazis, and even monsters all grace the pages of this epic story.

To date FATALE is three issues deep, and Cosmic Comics has all of them.  I’ll be picking them up and also catching up on my Brubaker and Phillips trades I’ve missed out on all these years.  Sweet dreams.


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