FCBD Sketch Table at Maximum Comics 2.0

May 8, 2011
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FCBD Sketch Table at Maximum Comics 2.0

FCBD Sketch Table

Hello nerds, The Dork Knight here still trying to recover from last night’s free movie at RAVE, Tokyo Gore Police, after a very long and fruitful FREE Comic Book Day. I trust that everyone is having a great Mother’s Day so far.

FREE Comic Book Day was a huge success for my household. Not only did I score some free comics, buttons, and Heroclix, but at the FCBD Maximum Comics 2.0 sketch table I got one of the coolest things ever from local artist Pj Perez:

The Dork Knight as drawn by Pj Perez.

How cool is that?!? Did you get a chance to enjoy the Sketch table too? If so, share some of what you got with us in the comments section below. Here are some more pictures from the sketch table that I took yesterday at Maximum Comics 2.0!!!

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