Fibbage. The Party Game You’ve Been Missing.

October 25, 2014
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Fibbage. The Party Game You’ve Been Missing.

Fibbage. The Party Game You’ve Been Missing.

Fibbage review

Welcome back Jackbox Games as they venture away from the You Don’t Know Jack series into the brand new world of…lying? Yeah, Fibbage is the party game you’ve probably overlooked and have definitely been missing. Voiced by the You Don’t Know Jack veteran Cookie Masterson, Fibbage sets you free with friends to find if the truth really is out there.

Fibbage is the genius quiz game that not only tests your weird and probably useless trivia knowledge but also tests your skills in bullshitting. That’s right, in Fibbage you’re rewarded for creating the perfect lie in hopes of having your opponent pick that fib over the actual truth.

So here’s the deal, a topic is picked and a question is laid out. An example under the topic “The Iron Sheik“, a question would be like: The Iron Sheik was known for his devastating submission called the “_____”. Obviously the answer is the Camel Clutch, but you make up something like the “Iranian Stunner” and hope some raisin tit jabroni picks it. Boom, points are awarded.

The great idea isn’t only a very fun trivia game, the way you actually get to play it is another ingenious idea that makes the internet actually useful besides surfing porn and cat videos. A game of Fibbage is started and a “room key” is shown on the screen, everyone hops on their smart phone, goes to and voila, the game is started. Brilliant. That is unless you have friends like me who sadly, don’t have a smart phone, but hey, make it a team sport with partners then.

Fibbage is a crazy party game, I mean crazy, and has so many fantastic possibilities. Make it into a drinking game or play it like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity¬†choosing the most funniest of extreme answers regardless of what’s actually right. You’ll have a room full of friends yelling, laughing, and screaming all night long. Fibbage is truly the party game that I hope you no longer will be missing, and for $7 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you have no reason to pass it up, that is, unless you have no friends…


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