First Resident Evil 6 Impressions.

July 22, 2012
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First Resident Evil 6 Impressions.

First Resident Evil 6 Impressions.

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I was lucky enough to get some hands on with Resident Evil 6 this week, and my first impressions are positive. I played short demo levels for Chris, Leon, and Jake, all of which dramatically different from the other. Each character has a sidekick/partner/path blocker. Chris Redfield comes with Piers of the BSAA, Leon Kennedy is accompanied by Helena of the DSO, and Jake is slowed down by Sherry, a daughter of some Umbrella scientists.

Since Jake is the newest character to the Resident Evil fiction, I decided to go through his story first, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Jake’s story throws you face first into the action against one of the newest gigantic robotic monstrosities. After a short cinematic you’re forced to run away from the pissed off monster that, in about 10 seconds, caught me and drilled up my face. Not such a great start, after learning how to actually sprint I successfully made it to a warehouse where the boss battle continues. This whole segment is fast paced with QTE and directions on where to shoot the steampunk monster. It’s something I wasn’t used to in a Resident Evil title, let alone prepared for.

Leon, being a better known protagonist to the Resident Evil series, takes RE back to it’s roots. Leon’s playthrough is much less action oriented, and focuses more on the unseen horrors. The building is dark and required Leon to use a dorky head lamp to light his way. You search for clues while investigating strange noises that echo through the building. The whole demo was enjoyable, be-it with very little action, because it felt so much like the Resident Evils I fell in love with. The only part that bothered me was how naive Leon appeared, like he’d never seen zombies before, or followed orders, it was all quite depressing.

Chris was the final mission I played through, and was the more tactical and fire fight heavy of the three. Use of assault rifles and pistols are expected, with plenty of ammo and explosive barrels to keep the action alive and kicking. Enemies appear on all levels, morph into strange creatures when injured, and burst into ash, similar to vampires, when killed. Not much in the puzzle solving department, heavy in the killing arena, Chris’ playthrough was fun but felt like the Resident Evil controls aren’t meant for that type of play style. There is a cover system, that you can’t fire from, and when attempting to shoot anything above you there’s some clipping issues. These of course come from a very early demo and will probably be fixed for the completed game.

I like what Capcom is doing with this installment of the Resident Evil series, bringing different characters with completely different stories and playthroughs. It’s something that will hopefully make Resident Evil 6 something special, despite the fact that a companion will be forced upon you at all times. At least we can move and shoot now!


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