First few weeks with my PS4

November 26, 2013
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First few weeks with my PS4

First few weeks with my PS4

First few weeks with my PS4

So nearly two weeks have past since the launch of the PlayStation 4, and since none of us here at Nerd Farm forked over the $500 to get an Xbox One, it looks like I get to say how my launch into the next generation is going via my PS4. Verdict: My PS4 works. That’s the most important thing right? My worries going into the launch were completely justified, I have a PS4 sitting with four free downloadable games, thanks to PlayStation Plus, but nothing that sends me into some virtual Lawnmower Man future.

Flower, arguably the most beautiful game you will play on either launch consoles, still resonates a wonderful emotional response, but is still a game I’ve played and completed on the PS3. Resogun, while being a fun little circular shooter, can go fuck itself with it’s strange rules and no tutorial on what the hell you’re doing. Contrast and Blacklight Retribution are both exclusive next gen titles, but obviously Blacklight is in rough beta form, and my Contrast is an interesting puzzler with unacceptable bugs. That’s it, that’s what I have.

You could ask, “why haven’t you just picked up Killzone: Shadow Fall or Battlefield/Ghosts or AC IV?” Short answer, laziness. Another answer, money. I just spent $400 on a console, mate, give me a few moments to catch my breath. Jared splurged when he got his PS4, and he’s loving what seems to be every minute with it. I unfortunately took the low road and missed a blessed launch window with some actual next generation games. Killzone, you will be mine…this week. See, laziness.

ps4,dualshock 4,share,nerd farm blog,my ps4But. BUT! I have used the “share” option afforded right out of the box on the PS4. The streaming, recording, and screenshot capabilities on my PS4 are so easy, it’s almost dumb. Setting up my PSN with our TitchTV account took no time at all, and I was streaming Blacklight Retribution to three lucky viewers in less than 10 minutes. Vader nods, “Most impressive.” This is what excites me about next gen, and I’m glad I got my PS4 for this, even if I really have no mind blowing games to go with it.

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