Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Armello.

September 7, 2013
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Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Armello.

Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Armello.

Armello preview

Tucked away in a corner of the Indie Megabooth at PAX sat a quaint booth with an interesting name, four golden crests, mini buttons, and two iPads. Nothing too different from many of the other indie booths, but it was Armello‘s gold lettering and their four choices of cute animals that drew me to their booth.

I’ll admit that a game on an iPad isn’t my thing, and with zero tutorials, my first impressions of the tactical based RPG were not promising. But after the wife wanted to see what was up with cute cuddly animals with swords, I gladly obliged and tried my hand at it once again, this time under the direction of Armello‘s director, Trent Kusters.

I learn that Armello is like a 3D board game, one where you choose between four of the great clans (that’s where the Rat, Wolf, Bear, and Rabbit come in), make your way through the land gathering loot, take on the royal guard, face off against the other clans, and attempt to take down the King who’s become mad from a sickness known as Rot.

Armello has aspects from plenty of games, but bases most of its main mechanics on tabletop card and dice games. Cards are found to help boost your character in different ways, while dice are used heavily for combat. Gather these and strengthen your character before trying to storm the castle and attacking the Mad King.

Trent showed me how day and night matters, the use of those all important card boosters, and talked about their plans of world domination. Ok, so world domination wasn’t the exact phrase used, it was more like Armello will be local multiplayer with plans of being a mobile multiplayer with deep community interaction.

With a fantastic art style, simplistic yet heavily detailed mechanics, Armello is shaping up to be quite the game, lets hope to see it on tons of devices in the future. You can follow League of Geeks progress on Armello on their Twitter and Facebook. You can also sign up for updates here.

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