Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Dragon Fin Soup!

September 6, 2013
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Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Dragon Fin Soup!

Fresh Indies from PAX 13. Dragon Fin Soup!

Dragon Fin Soup preview

If you were able to make your way through the enormous main fourth floor of PAX and then navigate even further up two more escalator rides to the sixth floor, you may have lucked out and found a little sweet spot of Indie development in both video and tabletop gaming. Most likely you probably got lost, but either way, the sixth floor is a hidden gem of PAX Prime. My scheduled appointments had me rarely traveling to the highest floor of the convention center, but on the final day, I met up with the gentlemen and lady of Grimm Bros.

Grimm Bros is a group of professional indie developers, Ash Monif made sure I was aware of this, noting his teams many years in gaming development, and truthfully it shows in the very early build of their RPG, Dragon Fin Soup. As no actual game was there to see, we talked over the trailer you see below as Ash explained how their Roguelike RPG is developing and evolving with the help of fan feedback.

Grimm Bros are a fan of Roguelike RPG’s, and they wanted to create something reminiscent of that classic genre, a mix of other RPG elements, and a fun twisted take on Grimm Fairy Tales. And so, Grimm Bros and the ton of RPG ingredients were born, birthing Dragon Fin Soup. DFS‘s first twisted take on the original fairy tales is Red Robin, a redneck with a love of firearms and the taste of moonshine.

The gameplay is tactical/strategy combat driven, with the ability to duel wield anything from a larger inventory than…well I don’t know what, I’m not good with keeping track of inventory space from RPGs.

dragon fin soup,grimm bros,pax 13,nerd farm blogWhat draws most of my attention to Dragon Fin Soup is its beautiful art style, it’s simply fantastic, you can’t take your eyes off of the screen during conversations among characters and again during combat. There’s lots of great directions to go in DFS just simply from its art.

Ash isn’t sure what platform you’ll be able to play Dragon Fin Soup on just yet, he’s waiting on fans’ input on what to support. So what would you like to play¬†DFS on? What would you like to see more of in DFS? Let the Grimm Bros. know on their Facebook, Twitter, and Forums (which are coming soon).

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