Get Smited. Smite preview

February 22, 2014
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Get Smited. Smite preview

Get Smited. Smite preview

Smite preview

The last couple weeks, I’ve been off in my own little world playing a “new” MOBA game called Smite. Smite is a huge spin on the whole MOBA genre in that it is a straight up 3rd person arcade game vs the traditional 3/4 turn, top down, point and click style of most other MOBAs like League of Legends, DOTA or Strife. Additionally, this game includes a ton of gods from real world mythology, such as Zeus, Thor, Wukong, and Kali, which is what initially drew me to this Smite preview.

Another spin on the genre is the multitude of game modes HiRez Studios added on top of the traditional 3 lane Conquest mode. Smite features an Arena mode, which is all out combat with point tickets in the style of Battlefield, Joust, a short single lane with 2 jungles, 3 player MOBA style mode, Assault, with all random gods on a single lane with no jungle, and a random Mode of the Day which changes regularly.

Going back to the gods, HiRez has filled the game with an ever growing roster, totaled at 49 currently, with more on the way, all from religions from all over the world. Each god feels unique, and has moves based somewhat around their lore, with at least 2 to 5 gods any single player will immediately fall in love with. And while Smite is still technically in beta, as it has a full release in March, HiRez sweetened the deal with the “Ultimate God Pack”. For players participating in the beta, you can purchase EVERY GOD from your purchase till the end of time, for just $30, however this deal will either disappear or the price will be drastically raised to somewhere around $200 after release. My advise is buy it. You’ve spent a lot more money on games that have come and gone with DLC and still not gotten your money’s worth out of them. Even if you end up stopping playing this game, $30 is great considering the benefits.

I definitely recommend getting started while you can, before Smite explodes during the $170k tournament HiRez is throwing at the end of March. You won’t wanna miss it! You can even get started by clicking here!

Start Smiting people today, check out and follow my channel for games, updates and giveaways, and keep your browser firmly planted on Nerdfarm for all things gaming related!

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