Gigantic. Motiga’s Action MOBA

October 3, 2015
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Gigantic. Motiga’s Action MOBA

Gigantic, the Action MOBA

We’ve been watching Motiga’s Gigantic for nearly two years now, Nic got some good hands on at PAX Prime 2014, I fumbled through it a bit at PAX South 2015 and then finally came to somewhat of an understanding at this years PAX Prime 2015.

My aversion from playing Gigantic in the earlier years came from not really understanding MOBA’s and at that time it’s only availability was on PC. Well since then, my experience with MOBA’s has increased dramatically, nearly 100% for those who like numbers, and was announced to be an Xbox One exclusive at this years E3.

So when I got the chance to get hands on with Gigantic at PAX, I not only made special media appointments, I also went out of my way to play it as much as possible. Which really only happened to be one other time, but that was more than I expected. PAX weekend is busy ok, getting quality time with a game more than once is kind of rare.

gigantic,motiga,pax prime 2015,nerd farmMotiga is hesitant to call Gigantic a MOBA and I don’t blame them. Yes, it’s multiplayer, yes it’s in an arena, and yes you play as “gods” known as “heroes”, but the format is different, and it feels different. There are no minions, instead there are a few plantable objectives meant to help your movement through the map. And instead of towers there are giant guardians who move through the map, guiding and following the pace of the game.

gigantic,motiga,pax prime 2015,nerd farmGigantic‘s playable game mode at the moment is a typical three lane model, in fact it can be confusing and intimidating the first time you play it. I had John Hargrove from Motiga actually explain the entire mode in the video above, this came after playing the game three times before I truly understood how the game mode worked. It definitely can’t be explained in only one sentence, that’s why I let the professional from Motiga explain it in video form

gigantic,motiga,pax prime 2015,nerd farmI’ve kind of coined Gigantic as an “action” MOBA, it just moves so fast. The maps have depth and the heroes don’t spend time farming xp or shopping for items when in their base, instead, leveling up on the fly. All of these differences from traditional MOBA’s adds to the games fast and hectic gameplay.

Gigantic just now when into closed beta, we’ve had many times to play it before its beta, but one thing has been clear through every game, there’s some balance issues. It always seems like one hero is too powerful or has just a little too much hp.

gigantic,motiga,pax prime 2015,nerd farmGigantic‘s art style is unmistakable, the heroes all have moves and abilities making them similar to being “classes” without coining that term. With an aggressive game mode, flashy style, and no nonsense gameplay, Gigantic has been a kind of creative breath of fresh air in a popular genre.

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