Google Chromecast

July 25, 2013
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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast


Google Chromecast preview

If you’ve surfed the internet in the past 24 hours you might have heard of this thing the Google Chromecast.  It’s because Google held a press conference to announce the new Nexus 7, but then wowed the crowd with this device at the end.  Every tech site you can think of  is talking about this little dynamo.  It’s because essentially it’s like AirPlay for EVERYTHING and not just iOS devices, plus you don’t need an Apple TV to stream to.

91JL5xbZlbL__SL1500_So basically all you do is plug the Chromecast dongle into an HDMI port on your HDTV, then through Wi-Fi on any iOS device (6.0 or higher), Android device (2.3 or higher) or Computer (running Chrome Browser) you can stream your media to your TV from a compatible source (YouTube, Netflix, or Google Play).

Now a lot of the newer SmartTVs have features like this already built-in like Samsung and Sony that use DLNA-compatible technology.  But if you have an older TV without all the bells & whistles, at $35 for the Chromecast why would you not get it.  Good luck getting one anytime soon though because within an hour of its unveiling it was soldout and backordered everywhere.


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