Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Bunch of A-Holes

February 19, 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Bunch of A-Holes

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Bunch of A-Holes

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer world premiere

Wow, just…wow. I’ll try to talk about how much I loved this trailer after my grin loosens up a bit. Go ahead, watch it again, I’ll wait.

I had to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer at least 5 or more times to really let it sink in. I loved every minute of it. The comedic angle from Star-Lord, the attitude frothing from Rocket Raccoon and Groot‘s unnerving size combined with double team shooting exploding action! Mind. Blown. I’m extremely happy to see what James Gunn has brought to the table, obviously taking a lot of ques from Brian Michael Bendis’ modern Guardians of the Galaxy.

I was hoping for a little more pizazz from Gamora‘s costume, but it’s hard to translate her outfit from comics into movies. I’ve never seen Bautista’s acting abilities, hopefully Drax isn’t a stretch for an Oscar winning performance. But I do feel Chris Pratt is the perfect fit for Star-Lord, holy jeebus was that a smart pick.

Unfortunately the people I was watching with, and forcing to watch over and over again weren’t too familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy. Their excitement was not boiling over like I’d hoped. Even after explaining how cool each character is (this was done with exaggerated hand gestures and dramatic noises) they couldn’t get over a 2 foot tall raccoon. No matter how bad ass it looked. I hope the general public doesn’t feel the same, because mark my words, I think this movie will be bigger than Marvel’s Avengers. There I said it, I think it’ll be just that damn good.


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