Hands on with Strife

September 9, 2013
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Hands on with Strife

Hands on with Strife

Hands on with StrifeStrife_Logo_Black

Keeping the trend of new MOBA games, I got to get hands on with Strife and although I had no expectations going in, I was really impressed! From the makers of Heroes of Newerth and S2, comes Strife, a second generation MOBA that may well be a breath of fresh air into the genre. Among a few of the features, I would like to point out that Strife as well as HoN, both have great graphical displays and run at a higher frame rate than both DoTA and League of Legends.

Strife_PAX_Screen_03Strife functions like most MOBAs, in that you control a hero along with 4 teammates, against a 5 man team to dominate a 3 lane map, taking objectives and slaying each other as quickly as you can. What it does different is what really caught my eye. In most MOBA games, you have what players refer to as “feeders”. Players who are less skilled, and make mistakes often. I’m guilty of this many times over. However, in Strife, this is changed. If a player of less skill has begun dying repetitively, then the game automatically lowers that players death bonus to the other team. Essentially this means, if you are bad, you are not worth killing at a certain point, to prevent your lack of skill from helping the other team.

Strife_PAX_Screen_02Another cool feature Strife has is the goal of removing toxicity between players. For example, in LoL, the bottom lane generally has your ADC and Support with the goal of the ADC farming minions and player kills. One major point would be that to farm minions, you have to get the last hit on them, which provides your player with gold for items. In Strife, when 2 players are lane together, an additional 35 gold is generated off each minion death, so that if your ADC is having trouble farming, they don’t fall extremely far behind the opposing team.

I think Strife is going to prove a hard contender for the current line up of MOBAs, and as with Heroes of Newerth, all characters are free to play at launch, and you can buy aesthetic upgrades for them from the Strife shop to set yourself apart from the rest of the players. Make sure you head over to Strife‘s site and sign up for early access!

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