Hands on with The Wolf Among Us.

September 16, 2013
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Hands on with The Wolf Among Us.

Hands on with The Wolf Among Us.

Hands on with The Wolf Among Us

Sorry this took so long, been almost as busy these past few weeks as I was actually at PAX, but alas this post is finally going up. It’s almost wrong on my part for making you wait, Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us one of the best games we played that weekend. After hands on with The Wolf Among Us, and the very generous 20 minute demo, we had a chance to talk to episode one’s director, Dennis Lenart.

The story about Bigby is just a fraction of the game, hard to believe since he’s the first episodes main protagonist, or anti-hero depending on how you want to play him, the choice is yours. I was trying to play him as a man trying to get change his dark past, but Telltale allows you to continue Bigby as the aggressive straight forward monster he’s been in fairy tales previously. Expect much more action, sequences that had me dipping and dodging and giving me plenty of options around the environment to use at your disposal.

Telltale Games continues to churn out uniquely terrific titles, it’s hard to believe they could continue this momentum after The Walking Dead, our Game of the Year last year. But unlike TWD, The Wolf Among Us is brighter, more vibrant and in your face, it’s a welcomed change of pace.

Expect to see The Wolf Among Us on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 later this month. If you know anything about Telltale, they’ll announce the official release date literally hours before it releases so stay tuned.

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