Howard the Duck #1. Private Dick.

March 21, 2015
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Howard the Duck #1. Private Dick.

Howard the Duck #1. Private Dick.

Howard the Duck #1 review

Let’s just take that in for a second, Howard the quakin Duck. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten to enjoy this feathered foul, since 1986 to be exact, the movie that time forgot, or that Marvel wants to forget. I loved that Howard the Duck movie though, sure I was only around 6 or 8 when I first saw it, but I never forgot it. I never forgot that scared duck that was violently zapped to earth, played a mean guitar, had possibly awkward sex with an attractive human female, and defended earth against that sarlac mouthed scientists. I am remembering it all correctly, right?

howard the duck,movie,gif,nerd farmEither way, seeing Howard the Duck grace the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy, and actually be funny, was an exciting moment. Marvel was bringing him back, and in comic form no less.

Howard the Duck #1 is coming in from Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones. If you’ve read Sex Criminals (which you should be) then you’ve not only seen Chip’s talent but also read it. He’s weird, so is Matt Fraction I guess, he’s awkward, and his work is often homo-erotic, not that it really matters, the guys a riot, and it’s definitely showing in Howard’s character. You can’t really tell if he genuinely dislikes the human race or if he’s still a little grumpy after being ripped from his universe so many years ago.

I was hoping Zdarsky was also doing the pencils for Howard the Duck #1, but Joe Quinones fill’s that position quite well. It’s clean art and the man can draw one helluva duck, a duck that can look angry and perplexed, and you can actually tell the difference. Yeah, that’s really all I got on that.

howard the duck #1,review,chip zdarsky,nerd farmHoward the Duck is an interesting character who’s only real power is comedy and complaining, so he’s really only brought up by the people he’s associated with each issue. Luckily his first new partner in crime, one Tara Tam is a fun character who’s not a stranger to scrapping with danger, my favorite green lawyer shows up and smashes a few things, then *spoiler* Howard get’s to party with the Guardians of Galaxy for issue number two. I’d say he won’t have any problems finding friends, or enemies in upcoming issues.

Howard the Duck #1 is off to a great start, I love belly laughing while reading comic books, and with Chip’s humor at the helm, I look forward to reading many more issues in the future. Don’t be a dumb hairless human and give this duck without a home a chance.

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