I Deleted P.T.

May 17, 2015
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I Deleted P.T.

I Deleted P.T.

So I Deleted P.T.

So I may have deleted P.T. One of the greatest and most artistic pieces of gaming history gone with the press of the ‘x’ button. For those of you who are curious why this could be a big deal, let me tell you everything that’s happened over the past few months.

P.T. was the mind child of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, a new take on the modern demo, teasing the eventual release of Silent Hills. The hype train had exploded, nothing like P.T. had ever been seen, and the hour long teaser was hailed as arguably one of the scariest pieces in gaming history. Of course in the gaming industry, nothing good ever lasts and Hideo Kojima and Konami started parting ways. But instead of Kojima going and doing this own thing, Konami played the part of the vindictive divorced husband/wife and started erasing everything it could with Kojima’s name from the books. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain lost the Kojima Production logo and title, followed by P.T. not only being undownloadable from the PSN marketplace, but erased from the store forever. Even if you downloaded previously, you’ll never get to see it again, like it never existed. Konami even went as far to attempt to ban YouTube videos and successfully removed PS4’s with P.T. on them from eBay.

I arrogantly believed I had kept P.T. on my PS4 and never considered to double check if I indeed still “owned” P.T., sadly I had deleted P.T. to make space for my ever expanding digital PS4 library. Dumb mistake I guess, or maybe an honest mistake, but instead of being frustrated with myself I actually looked at it with the glass half full. I don’t think I’ll actually want to play it again. Since I deleted P.T. its now become like gaming lore, much like Bio Force Ape, a game you and your friends will talk about as if it were legend, the part of gaming that could have been.¬†Sure I’ll possibly never get to play it again, but I experienced it, I completed it, I let it scare me multiple times, I let it creep me the fuck out, and I guess I kind of like remembering it that way.

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