Jurassic Park The Game (The Full Monty)

November 23, 2011
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Jurassic Park The Game (The Full Monty)

Jurassic Park The Game (The Full Monty)

Jurassic Park The Game review

Over the last couple weeks, you may have heard me touting praises for Telltale Games new Jurassic Park The Game. In this writer’s opinion they are all deserved. I would even go so far as to say that this is the ONLY good Jurassic Park game on the market.  No, seriously…the early 90’s Jurassic Park games were horrid.

Seriously, What is this?!

Anywho, back to Jurassic Park The Game. The entire game takes place on Isla Nubar aka Site 1 in the film. The story picks up right as Dennis Nedry is waylaid by the Dilophosaurus. You start as Nima, a hardened chiquita who is dead set on getting back at “the man”, in this case “the man” happens to be INGEN. You will play many characters over the course of the game, in concert with each other to solve goals. One particular puzzle involves the use of 3 characters to activate a crane and place roller coaster cars on a track. Tricky yet not unsolvable. Like we all know, NOTHING inside the gates of Jurassic Park ever goes off without a hitch, and soon upon entry you will find yourself dealing with dinos.


The content is given to you episodically, spread across four episodes, each ending in a cliff hanger. I really felt like I was watching a movie or television show throughout the game. Which is the one flaw I found within the game, in that I would be so emotionally invested in the actions of the characters that I would miss visual action ques and end up having to restart a particular area.

Dino Fight!!!

You will find yourself actually caring about your characters and what happens with them. Even though the game uses motion capture, which I usually detest, I did not feel like I was playing with puppets. The voice acting felt genuine and accurate, not overly dramatic or robotic in delivery. You can listen to just the audio and close your eyes and it’s just like listening to a movie. Speaking of audio, I’ve had the Jurassic Park theme song stuck in my head for nearly an entire week now, so no complaints. Very nostalgic indeed, especially when you hear the T-Rex roar.

All work and no eating….

Jurassic Park The Game is currently out on PC, XBOX 360, PS3 and IPad2. You can pick it up at your local retailer, online through www.Telltalegames.com or on www.Steampower.com. With the economy in the crapper as of late, Jurassic Park is a great gift for the movie lover, or dinosaur freak in your life as you can purchase it in bulk with all 4 episodes or one at a time for those of us who need to stretch their money.

One of the better games release this holiday season, trust me when I say you don’t have anything to lose, go out and get the first episode and play it for yourself!


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