King of the Nerds Season 1. Judgement.

March 9, 2013
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King of the Nerds Season 1. Judgement.

King of the Nerds Season 1. Judgement.

King of the Nerds Season 1. Judgement.

King of the Nerds season 1 came to an uneventful conclusion last week. For those of you not hip to this whole television noise, King of the Nerds was a reality TV show on TBS this year, throwing 11 geeks in a house together and seeing which one is the nerdiest, or “King of the Nerds”. The show followed the same recipe as every other reality show out there, except the white trash teen mom or muscle bound bros are replaced by awkward and immensely smart individuals. An attempt to connect with an audience that cant, and don’t want to connect with the previous examples given.

king of the nerds,tbs,nerd farm blog,king of the nerds season 1These nerds were first put on two teams that would compete in geek based challenges in each episode. Some challenges were quite nerdy, creating complete giant Rubik’s cubes, solving physics equations, cosplay contests, debates, and plenty of trivia ranging from comics to video games. While other challenges, weren’t so much geek or nerd oriented, as they were, filler. And the Kinect Dance Central 3 challenge being one giant advertisement. Hey, they can’t all be winners. All I know is every challenge including physics or equations in them made my head explode. I know gaming and comics, not chemistry or physics.

king of the nerds,tbs,genevieve,nerd farm blog,king of the nerds season 1King of the Nerds season 1 was bearable because it lacked a lot of drama, something I don’t want to experience in real life nor on television. The pink haired, dare I say, “Gamer Girl” Danielle brought in a healthy dose of her own drama, while Genevieve would shed a few tears of disappointment every so often. I will admit that seeing Genevieve cry was sadistically enjoyable. I’m sorry, her face gets all frowny and her voice changes to this weird whiny pitch, it’s comedic gold. Genevieve should have won the show outright, but I’ll get to that later. Everyone tended to enjoy each others company, at least to their faces anyways, and it was good to see a community of people, banding together because of similar interests.

king of the nerds,celeste,danielle,nerd farm blog,king of the nerds season 1Now let’s talk about one person before we conclude our final judgement on this little masquerade. My least favorite person out of the whole house, the pink haired hypocrite, Danielle. Now’s my time to rant and rave, without going on a “fake geek girl” tirade. Danielle should not have made it to the final three, I’ll just go ahead and say it. During trivia she didn’t know who created Pong, and in her final monologue she said, “if it were the launch date of Halo 4 I would have won.” What? So you say you’re the head nerd gamer because you play WoW and Halo? Congratulations, so does every other person on the planet! Oh, and you can say one phrase in Orc? Whoopty fuckin’ doo. As nerd cred goes, Celeste being a “Pro Gamer” and Genevieve the quint-essential geek, made Danielle look like fucking clown shoes. But I digress, let’s talk about the lack luster conclusion of the season.

King of the Nerds’ maiden voyage was a noble one, breaking the generic “reality” challenge based television mold, and adding a new fresh cast of merry misfits. Challenges weren’t always exciting, but they were different. Some weren’t so nerdy, dancing, jingle writing, or Segway riding being examples, but they were still skill based. Putting the cast and general challenges aside, how did the season end? Well, not with a bang, actually I think it ended pretty poorly.

king of the nerds,celeste,tbs,nerd farm blogThe final two nerds left, Celeste and Genevieve, instead of having one last epic “nerd off” were brought in front of their peers, and given the chance to plead why they should be crowned “King of the Nerds”. ERRONEOUS! The same people who have been beat up, called geeks, nerds, spazoids, so maybe not spazoids lately, are now being judged AGAIN by their peers? Sounds incredibly hypocritical and ironic.

So let’s jump over the whole “passing judgement” thing, and see who was crowned “king”, Celeste. Why was Celeste chosen by a jury of her peers, because her “confidence” grew on the show. HORSESHIT! I looked up Nerd in Websters dictionary and “confidence” wasn’t in the definition. Anywhere. Genevieve was robbed. Celeste skated under the radar for the entire show, granted that’s a valid strategy, but Genevieve fighting tooth and nail day-in-and-day out proved she has ultimate “nerd cred”. Hopefully next season will have a more appropriate way to crown the one king to rule them all. Being judged by your peers by those who shouldn’t pass down judgement isn’t the way.

Farm on.

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