Kung Fury is Kung Fabulous

May 31, 2015
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Kung Fury is Kung Fabulous

Kung Fury is here!

In cased you missed it, the guys over at Laser Unicorns dropped their highly anticipated kickstarter project, Kung Fury.

Kung Fury is an over the top kung fu/super cop/time travel/buddy cop and B style action flick. I thought it was going to be a full on movie, but in reality it ended up being 30 minutes of ball splitting action that doesn’t leave any action stone unturned. I avoided the word cliche since this movie technically doesn’t have any.

What Kung Fury does have is everyone’s wildest dreams come true. Thor, a Barbarian princess with a gatling gun riding a wolf, T-Rex, massive dude hand clasps, ninjas, nazis, Lamborghini’s, laser raptors, and Triceracop who speaks in an English accent and only shoots for his enemies balls. If that one sentence doesn’t have you instantly finding the full movie on YouTube, we can’t be friends.

kung fury,movie poster,laser unicorns,nerd farmKung Fury may or may not speak mostly in puns, and if you still need more than that to entice you to watch the short film, Kung Fury is hacked back in time to fight the worlds most notorious villain of all time, Hitler known now as Kung Fuhrer, because, why the fuck not. Gawd it’s so amazing!

Watch the full movie here but I’ve conveniently placed the Hoff and his Kung Fury music video above as a little pre-funk madness.

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