Magicka 2 Preview Boogaloo. PAX Prime 2014

September 16, 2014
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Magicka 2 Preview Boogaloo. PAX Prime 2014

Magicka 2 Preview Boogaloo. PAX Prime 2014

Magicka 2 preview

During PAX Prime 2014, Paradox was gracious enough to allow us to get our hands on a  Magicka 2 preview on the PS4, and it was pretty freakin’ sweet! Having only played Magicka on the PC, moving to the PS4 controller was a lot more intuitive and incredibly fluid. I was totally surprised that a gamepad offered a lot more control, but being able to aim and move with the thumb-sticks was just plain easier than attempting to do so on the mouse and keyboard. Definite bonus here.


Graphically, the characters still look pretty much the same, with a few minor tweaks to improve over all presentation. Everything is beautiful, especially the spell effects and all of the characters still retain the signature Magicka look. Another returning feature is the friendly fire. While it may be semi difficult to complete certain areas of the game by playing the role of “frenemy”, it does add a very comedic effect when it comes to boss fights. Worry not though, reviving your friends is not extremely difficult so you won’t be alone for too long.


Most, if not all of your favorite spells return along with improvements to the aiming for your earth spells, and trust me, you will need this new reticle. Earth spells literally pack a ton of power. You can pretty much KO any of your friends with a single blast of earth power.

Overall, we had a lot of fun playing with as well as against each other and I can’t wait for Magicka 2 to come out. We were told there will be a host of new add-ons as well as returning favorites, and if you wanna jump on the Magicka 2 hype train, you can sign up to get all of the updates on Paradox’s website.

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