Market Fresh Indies. Hand of Fate

March 9, 2015
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Market Fresh Indies. Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate review

My Hand of Fate review is finally here! Sure I could of hashed it out in a few hours over a keyboard, but I’d rather struggle with words coming out of my mouth in stumbling and stammering sentences over decently timed gameplay and questionable transitions. I’m really new at this whole video review thing, so take it easy.

I first want to apologize to Hand of Fate‘s dev team for calling them Defiant Games the entire video, I later discovered they’re actually Defiant Development, and dubbing that in with a different voice would be funny, but WAY too much work, so the video stays.

Hand of Fate is a card based RPG with combat elements, sounds good right? Because I say it a lot, well maybe twice…or three times. Anyways the game is a perfect blend of all of them so it works. Hand of Fate‘s story works with random encounters depending on cards in your deck, the dealer is a dick and adds his own mayhem with his own rogue deck. Traveling through each stage you’ll gain equipment, avoid traps, take chances with “chance” deals, shop, and of course fight to stay alive since the dealer’s whole purpose it seems, is to kill you.

hand of fate,defiant development,ps4,nerd farmHand of Fate‘s combat is fluid, the stories are fun and adventurous, and any classic RPG enthusiast could fall in love with this rage inducing card game. Adventurers up for a challenge, should attempt to climb this mountain also.

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